The Story

Positive Answer Cards are the brainchild of My Amazing Team. Being lucky enough to work around the world with all sorts of great people and interesting companies, we're often called on to help them change their perspectives, think differently and create the future. 

All of us need a little helping hand to think differently, so we thought it would be fun to turn one of the tools we use with large corporations into an engaging, social deck that helps us all connect, collaborate, rethink and unleash our creativity individually and together. 

Our aim is to spread creativity and inspiration to one million people, because in turn they will provide the spark for many millions of great ideas. We've created some resources to help you turn your ideas into reality and we're going to share lots more. But it all starts with the simple, powerful origin deck. 

Get yours, get some for your team, your family and friends. Unleash creative thinking, have great ideas, create the future. 

It's as simple as that!